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Yellowstone River Bozeman Fly Fishing Guide

The Yellowstone River starts in Yellowstone national park at the outlet of Yellowstone lake.  From there it travels through the park to the town of Gardiner, Mt, and then continues another 130 miles to the town of Columbus.  This 130-mile stretch is known for its tremendous fly fishing!  Throughout the year you can see hatches that include; Salmonfly, golden stone, caddis, mayfly, and let's not forget about the hopper fishing!  It's also a great river to cover some miles and pull streamers through big water looking to get a chance at that Donkey of a Brown Trout!

Jefferson River Fishing Guide
Upper Madison

The Upper Madison River is breathtaking!  This river also starts in Yellowstone park and flows through Ennis, MT and is THE CENTER of FLY FISHING.  This river can produce prolific hatches, and some of the best fishing around.  With its continuous rifle, large rocks, boulders, and tight undercut banks it has the look of perfect spot after perfect spot.  Don't get hung up on the fish you just missed, look ahead and be ready for the next one to eat it!

Madison River Fishing Guide Bozeman, Montana
Lower Madison

This river is the Madison that flows out of Ennis lake and continues 30 miles to the headwaters of the Missouri River.  This is a slower-moving stretch of water that has great opportunity to catch fish!  Lots of caddis on this stretch of river along with mayfly, midges, hoppers, and streamer fishing.  This is a great option for a half day.  It is a 30-minute drive from Bozeman, and also 30 Minute drive from Ennis.  For a full day float on this river, it is a great chance to do a long float through some primitive country.   

Best Spots to fish in Bozeman, Montana
Gallatin River

The Gallatin also starts in Yellowstone park.  From a small creek, it quickly gains momentum and volume as it makes its way down the Gallatin canyon.  It exits the canyon and flows 35 miles through the Gallatin valley until it meets up with the Jefferson and Madison Rivers to form the famous Missouri River.

Jefferson River solitude guided fishing opportunity
Jefferson River 

The Jefferson River starts at Twin Bridges with the confluence of the Ruby and the Big Hole River.  This is a slower-moving river with high grass banks and cottonwoods all the way down.  This river gets low fishing pressure and is a great option to get away from the crowds.  Although it's not known for high fish numbers, it is known for having some BIG BROWNS!

Top fly fishing guides and rivers
Blackfoot River

The Blackfoot River flows out of the Bob Marshall wilderness and is some of the clearest most pristine water you will ever see.  Crystal-clear water flows through a valley full of pine trees, larch, and cattle ranches.  This river is known for rainbows, brown trout, and cutthroat trout.  Definitely a place you will want to fish again!

Carp fishing near Bozeman and Ennis, Montana
Missouri River

The Missouri River starts in Three Forks at its headwaters and continues over 500 miles through multiple lakes, mountains, and wilderness areas.  This is a huge water system that has many different fishing opportunities.  Depending on where you are at, it is known for its world-class fly fishing for trout on tail-waters below Canyon Ferry, Houser, and Holter lakes. It is also a fantastic spot if you would like to try and target some other species including Carp, Walleye, Perch, Ling, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, sauger, catfish, bass, etc.

Guided Lake fishing trips.  Full day and Half day
Private Ponds

Spend the day fishing one of the private ponds in solitude.  These ponds are stocked with rainbow trout and can be a great option for those targeting rising fish, sight fishing with streamers, or having something clear to fish when all the other rivers are blown out.   

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