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Cast and Blast 

Enjoy a day floating the river with either a shotgun or a fly rod in hand.  We will do one or a combination of hunting decoys over water, jump shooting, and fly fishing.  


$300 / Gun


Come enjoy a morning of guided waterfowl hunts over some of the best water and scenery in Montana! We are located in Ennis, Montana, but also Guide duck hunts and goose hunts around Bozeman, Dillon, Three forks, and Billings. Our days start early, a few hours before shooting light,  to catch the morning flights.  We primarily hunt out of panel blinds sitting on stools on the edge of the river or lake we are hunting on.  We will occasionally use layout blinds as well depending on the spot.   Insulated Waterproof boots or waders are highly recommended.  Most of our hunts use boats for access and are able to get right to the blind without much hiking.  Many birds we hunt are on on their migration south, with big flights of mallards, pintail, widgeon, gadwall, teal, goldeneye, redheads, canvasbacks, spoonbills, scaup, and geese flying through at different times of the year.  As well as Giant flocks of swans and Sandhill Cranes.  October - November are great months to find multiple species.  November, December, and January we are mainly finding mallards coming through.  We are a main migratory route and when the conditions are prime,  it can be one of the best hunts of your life!  

Please feel free to Call or text me with any questions you might have or to talk hunting!   

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